Apple Watch

Family Setup

One iPhone
makes everyone’s Apple Watch tick.

With Family Setup, everyone in the family, like your kids and older adults, can have an Apple Watch. Even those who don’t have their own iPhone yet. It’s all the connectivity, wellness, and safety features you love, for everyone you love. Fun and independence for them. Peace of mind for you.

Pairing is caring.

Family Setup lets you pair watches for your children and older family members to your iPhone. Everyone gets their own phone number, and you can manage each watch using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

A great call
for kids.

With Family Setup, kids get to experience many of the capabilities of Apple Watch. They can stay in touch with the people you approve, by calling and texting. And have fun streaming music, downloading apps, and paying for stuff with Apple Cash Family. You can also schedule Schooltime to limit Apple Watch features when they need to focus. Even the Activity rings have been rethought to better reflect how they exercise — tracking Move minutes instead of active calories. And with location sharing, you’ll get alerts when kids get home or aren’t where they’re expected to be.

A smart call for
older adults.

Apple Watch can open up a whole new world for older family members. They get the same connectivity benefits of Apple Watch, like calling, texting, and location sharing to stay close to the family. And if they need it, they can make the text larger or bolded.

Safety features.

Apple Watch comes with important safety features like fall detection which can detect if your loved ones have taken a hard fall. If it senses they’re immobile, Emergency SOS will connect them with emergency services — even if they haven’t signed up for a cellular plan. They can also get help in an emergency — all over the world by simply pressing and holding the side button.

Health features.

Apple Watch can alert family members if it detects unusually high or low heart rates, as well as measure their current heart rate. And all the Activity goals, including Stand hours and Exercise minutes, can be customized to a level that works for older family members.


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