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Our Mission

The mission of the Georgia College Department of Music is to provide an interdisciplinary, liberal arts-oriented education in music, music education, and music therapy.  We prepare students to embark on rewarding career paths within these fields while emphasizing the cultivation of critical thinking skills and diverse global perspectives. The department is committed to serving the broader university community through inclusive participation in ensembles and engaging course offerings. Our students learn to think independently and lead creatively through undergraduate research, community outreach, clinical training, professional development, continuing education and mentoring opportunities.

Our Values

Culture: Our department cultivates a nurturing, supportive, and collaborative environment for everyone. 

Curricula: Our comprehensive and innovative curriculum allows students to develop practical skills needed to be successful in the field of music, as well as critical and analytical competencies that are the hallmark of a liberal arts education. 

Leadership: Through performances, internships, workshops, and research opportunities, our students have the opportunity to become well-rounded musicians, creative and critical thinkers, and globally conscious citizens prepared to take on leadership roles. 

Diversity: Our learning community fosters robust intellectual exchanges that promote intercultural understanding, respect for diversity in its many forms, and the cultivation of an inclusive society. 

Outreach: As strong believers in the transformative power of the arts, our department culturally enriches the middle Georgia region by establishing collaborative projects with community partners and offering a diverse slate of performances and presentations. 

Legacy: Our department encourages students to become independent and creative musicians, equipped for lifelong musical engagement. 

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Inclusive Excellence Statement

The Georgia College Department of Music considers diversity, equity, and inclusion to be an essential part of our values. Our definition of diversity not only includes race, color, nationality, ethnicity, citizenship status, class, creed, disability, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, and veteran status, but also a gamut of ideas, approaches, disciplines, learning styles, and musical genres. Inclusive excellence is an integral component to the entire music-making process, and our “active, intentional and ongoing engagement with diversity” is essential to our department’s ability to achieve social impact (

We are committed to welcoming a diverse group of music innovators into our community and supporting their creative endeavors. We cultivate a learning environment that shows respect for all individuals inclusive of individual and group/social differences. Our department is committed to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of students, faculty, and staff from historically excluded groups. We encourage open dialogue that builds a community of support where everyone can feel respected and valued for their unique experiences and contributions. The Department of Music at Georgia College aims to educate all its members to be global citizens.

The Georgia College Department of Music is actively involved in teaching, scholarship, and service activities which demonstrate our commitment to inclusive excellence:


  • Topics on diversity and inclusion in a variety of music courses
  • Regular programming of repertoire by composers from historically excluded communities
  • Appropriate training of students for their work with historically underserved populations


  • Faculty scholarship that intersects with diversity, equity, and/or inclusion
  • Student research and presentations on matters of diversity, equity, and/or inclusion


  • Engaging musical experiences for neurodiverse individuals within our community
  • Bobcat Keys, an after-school beginner piano program that targets students in rural communities
  • A beginning strings program in Baldwin and neighboring county schools
  • Recruiting of students from high schools that may not be as well represented or may be overlooked by institutional recruiting activities


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Workshops: Resume and Interview Refresher with Dr. Dana Gorzelany-Mostak  Link to materials here.

Our Artists-in-Residence: Kazanetti String Quartet 

string quartet

Performing and teaching together since 1996, the Kazanetti String Quartet is an award-winning group that has distinguished itself across the country through its diverse programming and its commitment to excellence. Newly-appointed Artists-in-Residence at Georgia College, Kazanetti’s mission statement—to serve, to enrich, and to educate through the voice of music—embodies its desire to make music available to everyone. Recently, Kazanetti returned from France as one of the selected quartets to perform at the Debussy Conference in Paris and has expanded its classical programs through collaboration with many artists and other professionals including the internationally-acclaimed Manhattan String Quartet, Academy Award nominee Mary Badham (To Kill a Mockingbird), and world guitarist Pierre Bensusan. In addition to its recent Georgia College appointment, the Quartet maintains its residency at The Plaza Arts Center in neighboring Eatonton. The ensemble plays an active role in education and continues to make a substantial impact on the arts with its highly innovative and successful concert series, kazanetti4kids, a program that integrates music, reading, and literacy with the core academic curriculum. Committed to arts advocacy and community engagement, the Kazanetti String Quartet maintains partnerships with organizations such as the Chattahoochee Nature Center and the Atlanta History Center. For more information, please visit

Hiring GC Student Musicians

The Georgia College Music Department provides a referral service for individuals or organizations looking to hire current music majors though the University Career Service Center and their program, Handshake. To post a specific engagement for our students, please fill out the Post A Job Opportunity Form. You will receive email verification that it has been posted. Please reach out to the Georgia College Department of Music for further information regarding the procedure. Note: Last minute performance requests may not receive an immediate response for your situation.

The Handshake form is not a contract and is only meant to assist in the process of posting musical opportunities for Georgia College music students. 


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