The first art to be sold solely with cryptocurrency to go on show in London

Wager’s series of constructivist paintings and sculptures, Requiem for the Emblem of Power, commemorates the centenary of the end of the First World War. Featured exhibition pieces include Memorial Omnibus, a bronze and corten steel sculpture, and the water-based paint pieces Disorder, Chaos and Disjecta Membra.

“In this centenary year of the end of WW1, it is highly appropriate to commemorate this event,” says Wager. “Throughout this period political and core religious faith values were disregarded, and amidst the carnage, it would appear nothing from a moral stand during the war was achieved.

“My forthcoming exhibition at Dadiani Fine Art is a Requiem for the Emblem of Power and War. The paintings and sculptures included in this exhibition are, not fully comprehensible but have a profound and unique distinction.”

According to the gallery, a wide range of cryptocurrencies will be accepted including Bitcoin, Etherium and BitcoinCash.

Requiem for the Emblem of Power will be on show at Dadiani Fine Art in Mayfair, London, from 25 January to 3 March 2018.


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