Oh boy — new Intel ad says Apple users are under a ‘spell’

Did you know Windows laptops play games? Like lots of games? Did you know that 2-in-1 laptops exist? Seriously, they do. You can flip the screen around and everything, and even reach out and touch the display.

At least according to Intel’s new ad, as spotted by PC Gamer, this is all news to Apple fans. They just need to have their eyes opened and to break the “spell” cast on them by those sorcerers in Cupertino. The 4-minute video is positioned as a social experiment, and Intel says the people recruited are “real people paid for their time and opinions.”

You are free to watch the video, but I will warn you that someone actually says, “Is this real life right now?”

Here’s the gist of this social experiment. Intel recruited a bunch of Apple users and showed them things Intel PCs can do under the guise that they might be getting a sneak peak of something new from Apple. 

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Spoiler alert: MacBooks can’t do any of these things. The participants are shown how Windows PCs are easier to customize. And, to be fair, in some cases it’s really quite easy to upgrade all aspects of your machine, such as with the Framework Laptop

We also see how Intel-powered PCs can play more than 57,000 games at a time Macs are still behind on gaming and that MacBooks are still missing touchscreens. This is a valid argument and something we wish the new MacBook Pro would offer. But we don’t see that happening anytime soon as Apple continues to focus on the iPad Pro for touch-based computing and Apple Pencil input. 

But then things take a weird turn. The fake Apple rep proceeds to show these recruits a 2-in-1 laptop that can transform into a laptop, a form factor that has been around for more than a decade. And the reaction is like these folks were just told they could create fire for the first time. This is not magic people; it’s called a rotating hinge.

Then the participants are led into a room where they can see and touch this 2-in-1 and other Intel PCs that supposedly beat Apple at their own game. Never mind the fact that Apple’s M1 chip wipes the floor with most Windows machines in performance, or that people really like how their iPhones and MacBooks work together. Or that the battery life on the latest MacBooks blow away Intel-powered systems.

At last count, the Intel ad had 5.7K dislikes and 2.8K likes on YouTube, so it appears viewers are not that impressed with this experiment. And while the video raises some valid points, I don’t think this is going to get many folks to switch to “Team PC.”


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