Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard Shares Cancer Diagnosis

Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard announced Wednesday that he has been diagnosed with testicular cancer.

In an open letter released Wednesday, Pollard said his diagnosis began with groin pain about four weeks ago. He then found a lump, visited a doctor and underwent surgery last week to have the mass removed. 

He later learned it was cancerous. 

Per Pollard, additional tests showed the cancer had not yet spread. 

“We also discussed next options, which include doing nothing other than monitoring my blood work and performing CT scans every 3-6 months, undergoing chemotherapy, or beginning radiation treatments,” Pollard wrote in his letter. “We visit an oncologist this Friday to learn more about my treatment options.”

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Pollard, who has been with the school since 2005, said he initially kept the diagnosis private to avoid distracting from Iowa State’s athletic programs.

However, he wrote, he felt added stressed by hiding it, especially after the surgery forced him to miss a speaking engagement.

In 2015, he suffered a heart attack and underwent triple-bypass surgery. He said Wednesday wants to help others dealing with similar challenges.

“When I had open-heart surgery in 2015, it allowed me to encourage others battling similar heart issues,” he wrote. “By sharing some details of my cancer diagnosis and treatment plan, I can emphasize the critical importance of early detection as it relates to cancer survival rates.

“As Coach Campbell likes to say, ‘Trust the Process. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

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