Urgent warning for Android users as seven ‘vicious new threats’ target devices & steal money from your ban…

AN urgent Android warning has gone out to millions of users after seven “vicious new threats” were revealed to be targeting devices.

The malware in question can reportedly steal money from your bank account and even send text messages to your friends.

An urgent warning advises Android users to stay vigilant on messaging services


An urgent warning advises Android users to stay vigilant on messaging servicesCredit: Getty

According to a report from tech company Proofpoint, the worrying threats predominantly circulate on Google’s mobile operating system.

Proofpoint explains that it’s an easier target because Apple’s iOS is a “more open platform.”

“Most mobile malware is still downloaded from app stores but over the past year or so, we’ve seen an increase in campaigns that use SMS/mobile messaging as their delivery mechanism,” Proofpoint said.

“For better or worse, Android takes a more open approach. The platform is open to multiple app stores and users can easily sideload apps from anywhere on the internet.”

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Google had previously deleted apps from the it’s Play Store which it believed were targets of the Joker malware.

However, they now believe that several new viruses are targeting messaging sytems with the capability to steal user names, passwords, phone contacts and bank account details.

It includes malware as FluBot that lets hackers view the websites that users are visiting and send messages to contacts without their consent.

It comes as data wipes, which have reportedly been used in recent global cyber-attacks, were also found to be increasing in popularity, according to the report.

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The list of dangerous malwares listed by Proofpoint include:

  • Flubot
  • TangleBot
  • Moqhao
  • KeepSpy
  • TianySpy

Proofpoint say “awareness is critical” when keeping safe online, and more needs to be known about the dangers of mobile malware.

The company have since advised that your best options for protection is installing strong antivirus software and doing regular security checks, and making sure you’re always on the latest operating system.

Jacinta Tobin, vice president of Cloudmark Operations for Proofpoint, said: “Consumers need to be very sceptical of mobile messages that come from unknown sources.

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“And it’s important to never click on links in text messages, no matter how realistic they look.

“It’s also vital that you don’t respond to strange texts or texts from unknown sources. Doing so will often confirm you’re a real person to future scammers.”


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