iPhone 13 is helping Apple destroy Android in premium smartphone market

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New research from Counterpoint reveals that Apple is absolutely destroying Android when it comes to its share of the global premium smartphone market.

New research published Thursday indicates Apple has upped its Q1 share in the premium market ($400 or more) from 57% last year to a whopping 62% this year. The premium market did shrink year on year, but less so than the overall smartphone market, the eighth consecutive quarter where premium won this battle.

From the report:

Apple continued to lead the premium market, exceeding 60% share for the second consecutive quarter. This was driven by the iPhone 13 series. The iPhone 13 has been the best-selling model globally each month since October 2021. This was also the highest first quarter share for Apple in the premium segment since Q1 2017.

The report says that Apple’s best iPhone, the iPhone 13, has been the number one model globally every month from October 2021, giving Apple its highest Q1 share of the premium segment in five years.

Meanwhile, Android rival Samsung is struggling, seeing its share decline from 18% to 16% year on year because of delays to the S22 series.

According to Counterpoint’s figures, the top premium smartphones by sales share to open the year were the iPhone 13 (23%), iPhone 13 Pro Max (13%), iPhone 13 Pro (9%), and then the iPhone 12. Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is the first Android device on the list taking a meager 3%. That means Apple’s latest flagship iPhone captured 45% of the market despite the fact that its iPhone 14 is just a few months away.

While Apple isn’t reportedly planning a big design overhaul for the iPhone 14 this year, we can expect improvements in the form of a new 48MP camera, a hole-punch notch, an always-on display, a new processor (for the Pro models), and more if reports are to be believed.

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