1,415 students play red light/green light game to break Guinness World Record

UCI students break Guinness World Record for the largest game of Red LightGreen Light Picture courtesy TwitterPopBase left UCI Alumni right

UCI students break Guinness World Record for the largest game of Red Light/Green Light | Picture courtesy: Twitter/@PopBase (left); UCI Alumni (right)

Photo : Twitter


  • UCI has a tradition of organising Guinness World Record attempts for its “Welcome Week”.
  • A Guinness adjudicator present at the verified the new world record.
  • The school has previously set world records for largest games including dodgeball, balloon tag and water pistol fight.
Orange County, California: 1,415 students at the University of California Irvine (UC Irvine) took on a Guinness World Record and participated in the largest game of red light/green light.
The popular children’s game is most commonly recognised as Statues outside North America and the United Kingdom and is played in variations around the world.
However, South Korean survival drama Squid Game is to credit for the recent resurgence of Red Light/Green Light. The fact that UCI decided to organise a game as part of its Welcome Week tradition of attempting a Guinness World Record, speaks volumes about its popularity.

An official adjudicator was present on hand and confirmed that the game broke the previous record of 1,203 set by Oregon’s Willamette University in 2015.

Students said having attended their first year entirely online was a major reason the university was open to something uncharacteristic and fun.

“I know it’s a little cringey, and UCI isn’t particularly known for its school spirit, but I think this year is really different,” fourth year philosophy student Sarah Semaan told LA Times.

“I see a lot of people this year who are really willing to just let go of that conception of ‘Oh, I’m too cool for this’ and just really have fun and play the game.”

Previously, the university has successfully set a Guinness World Record for similar mass participation events including the largest game of dodgeball (2012), the largest water pistol fight (2013), the largest game of capture the flag (2015), and the largest game of balloon tag (2017), UPI reported.

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