1,415 UC Irvine Students Play Red Light/Green Light Game, Set Guinness World Record

When the South Korean Survival Drama series ‘Squid Game’ aired on Netflix in 2021, no one anticipated it to take the world by storm. But it did and with it came back our childhood games. The University of California Irvine took on the challenge to break the Guinness world record for the largest game of red light-green light, all thanks to Squid Game helping it make a comeback. The university organized a similar game as a part of its Welcome Week tradition on Wednesday. 1,415 students participated in Aldrich Park and UCI took to Twitter to share the news.

The tweet read, “Anteaters have done it again! With a crowd of 1,415 UCI has broken the Guinness World Records title for largest game of Red Light/Green Light”. The participants can be seen holding a large banner of “We did it!” Check it out here:

The rules of the game were simple and known to most. According to the Daily post, students stood at the start line, others knelt waiting for the game to begin. Just as the loudspeaker announced “Green light” the participants sprinted across the park. Their finish line was UCI mascot, Peter the Anteater, without the sensory detectors, of course. While freshman Maximus Cantos was the first participant to tag their mascot, some were not able to reach the finish line. However, they did not meet the same end as the eliminated participants in Squid Game.

The previous record was held by Willamette University, where 1,203 people participated in the game in 2015. UPI reported, an official adjudicator from Guinness present on hand confirmed this.

However, this is not UCI’s first success at breaking world records with games. According to UPI, they also hold the record for the largest game of dodgeball (2012), the largest water pistol fight (2013), the largest game of capture the flag (2015), and the largest game of balloon tag (2017).

The students that participated mentioned that because the first year was spent online is why the university was open to “something uncharacteristic and fun,” reported Times Now.

According to an online notice on UCI’s official website, 2,198 people had registered to participate. However, the vice president of student services, professional staff and the co-organizer of the game, Connie Nguyen said that he knew not everyone would turn up. Talking to Daily Post, he mentioned that seeing how more than half the people showed up meant they were excited to achieve something together.

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