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Happy Friday! Newsletter editor Claire Rychlewski, back with your roundup of this week’s health tech news.

Situational awareness: Cano Health is finally working with advisors on a possible sale, with Humana and CVS both in the running, according to reports from WSJ and Bloomberg. (But you know we’ve been highlighting Cano as a likely takeover candidate since July. 😉)

1. BlackRock buys Paradigm Oral Health

Illustration of a mouth mirror with Benjamin Franklin's face reflected in it.Illustration of a mouth mirror with Benjamin Franklin's face reflected in it.
Illustration: Gabriella Turrisi/Axios

BlackRock Long Term Private Capital acquired a majority stake in Paradigm Oral Health from InTandem Capital Partners, valuing the oral surgery company north of $900 million, sources told Sarah on Thursday.

Why it matters: The traditional DSO universe (ie. those focused on general cleanings and orthodontics) is well-chartered territory for private equity, but oral surgery is much earlier on in its life cycle. Paradigm is one of few assets of scale positioned to consolidate the space as dental implant adoption accelerates.

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Plus: Thursday’s Pro Rata, with the latest on Colony Capital’s legal battles.


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