People are just realizing your old iPhone and Android has a dark hidden second use…

THE CAMERA on an old iPhone or Android can be refitted for an unexpected use.

A retired phone can be given a second life by repurposing it as a security camera for the home or office.

Most modern phone cameras are higher resolution than grainy CCTV footage


Most modern phone cameras are higher resolution than grainy CCTV footageCredit: Alamy

Right now, the Ring Doorbell is the premiere monitoring tool but the gadget comes with a monthly subscription and the wired version can be a hassle to install.

Use an old phone for a quick, easy, and cheap way to monitor your space.

You’ll need a security feed app – reporters at CNET recommend an app called Alfred – and a clever spot for installation.

Download the app of your choosing on both phones to turn the old phone into the security camera and your current phone into the monitoring hub.

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Use a camera tripod or a wall mount to fit your camera into a corner or hiding space.

Note that video recording weighs heavily on the battery, so the camera shouldn’t stray too far from a power source.

If possible, the security camera phone should stay plugged in at all times.

Once completed, the home is fitted with a cheap but effective home surveillance system.

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A survey by the home security business Porch found that just 44% of respondents have a camera system in place.

But those that do have monitors set up check them often – 62% of surveyed participants with cameras said they check them daily.

With a camera system, even if it’s powered by an old phone, homeowners can keep a closer eye on the kids or monitor for package thieves.

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