URecords Is the Force Behind the UVA Music Scene

While only Wilkin and Tomiak were originally members of URecords, there’s no doubt URecords steered the band in the right direction after its formation. Wilkin was introduced to Harder through another URecords performance and credited her for getting their band off the ground.

“[Harder] has been our No. 1 advocate in the URecords space,” Wilkin said. “Anytime we have questions, concerns, or in pursuit of a gig, I will go to her or URecords because I know they will be an advocate for our band.

“I don’t think we would be able to have the basis that our band has without the help of URecords and Kennedy.”

Each band member has their own background in music, ranging from experience with UVA a cappella groups to performances with church choirs. While Tomiak had previous experience with the piano, it was not until three years ago that he first picked up a pair of drumsticks.

“I am from a small town in Southwest Virginia,” he said. “Where I come from, there isn’t much of a music scene. Being able to come to [the University] and dive right into performing music has been so incredible.”

Tomiak lives in a dorm without space for a drum kit. But URecords has provided him the ability to practice and perform on Grounds.

”There are no drums at UVA. There’s nowhere you can just rent a drum kit from,” Tomiak said. “With URecords, you can actually rent drum kits from the club. The co-president, Erik, has been driving those drums back and forth to me all the time, and that has been a real game-changer in getting started.”

As a beginner in the UVA music scene, and at UVA itself, Tomaik leaned on URecords to express himself musically.

“The club was so cool to me as soon as I found it,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to be in a band, but never could be. And all the sudden, with URecords, it’s like, ‘Yes! I can finally do everything I’ve wanted to do with music.’”

For students who might feel apprehensive about entering the UVA music scene, regardless of their skill level, the members of THE CAGE have one piece of advice: Rip the Band-aid off.

“When you first start playing, it’s normal to be worried that people won’t like you or your music. You might even feel that people will invalidate you, but that is so not true,” Toscano said. “Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. People are always rooting for you, especially the people in URecords.”

As for the future of THE CAGE, the group has several gigs lined up.

“We are going to release a couple of singles and hopefully an album eventually,” Toscano said. “We are all very driven people. I’m looking forward to what we achieve in the future because I know only the sky’s the limit for us as a band.”


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