What You Need to Run Android Apps on Windows 11 2022 Update

Android apps are making their way to Windows 11 with the 2022 Update, and while this is definitely good news for some users, worth knowing is that not all devices can run them.

This is because WSA comes with special requirements, so even if your device might be running Windows 11, this doesn’t necessarily mean they can handle Android apps as well.

First and foremost, your computer must have at least 8 GB of RAM and a supported processor – Intel Core i3 8th Generation and newer, AMD Ryzen 300 and newer, Snapdragon 8c and newer for AMD-powered devices.

Worth knowing is that Android apps are not available in Windows 11 in S Mode, even if the device meets the aforementioned system requirements.

WSA going live in more regions

The debut of Windows 11 2022 Update marks the expansion of Android apps on Windows 11 to more regions, including several international markets.

Users in over 31 countries will be able to try Android apps on their Windows 11 computers.

“Windows 11 users in those countries will be able to enjoy more than 20,000 Android apps and games, including popular mobile games Coin Master, Epic Seven, Machington Mansion, along with family and kids favorites such as Disney Coloring World, KidsBeeTV, Lego Duplo World, and apps like Kindle, Audible, FlipaClip, Lutron to name a few,” Microsoft explains.

“To get started, simply head to the Microsoft Store on Windows app. We made it even simpler to discover Android apps and games. Like any other content, you will now find them in editorials and search results, you will see them in inline ratings and reviews, and you will be able to share a link to your favorite app with your friends.”

The downloading of Android apps on Windows 11 is powered by the Amazon Appstore.


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