15 Terrifying Technology Patents That Gave Us Knots In Our Stomachs

MoviePass is at it again, this time with a new twist that will have you keeping your eyes on the screen. If you want to use the digital currency earned by watching ads on their upcoming app to “buy” movies, you’ll have to make sure MoviePass detects that you’re actually paying attention. The eye-tracking software will pause if it doesn’t detect your gaze fixed on the movie. And Amazon Ring wants in on the future of home security with facial recognition technology that would scan visitors for irises, skin texture and more before letting them in. If anyone deemed “suspicious” showed up, homeowners would be alerted or all doors in the house locked automatically. Disney, on the other hand, is working towards creating personalized experiences for visitors by way of virtual simulations displayed through custom images according to tracking devices worn by guests in their venues–a concept first imagined in 2006 by George Saunders’ satirical fiction story entitled “My Flamboyant Grandson.” 

Amazon has figured out a new way to micro-manage its employees!

CRACKED Amazon has been granted patents for wristbands that would allow for ultrasonic tracking of a worker's hands to monitor performance using haptic feedback, which buzz the employee if they move to the wrong item. 16 16 20 20 20 22 X 12 20 14 20 16 16 The new patents are ostensibly for wristbands that Amazon employees would wear, which work in conjunction with ultrasonic devices strategically placed around Amazon's warehouses.

Fast Company 

Facebook just wants to make sure your messages have the right amount of sass.

CRACKED Facebook filed a patent in 2015 for ways to sense a smartphone user's typing speed and pressure, as well as the words used, in order to predict the emotion behind the message. 418 Receive image from imaging component. 310 420 Detect emotion characteristics from image. Like React Share 320 This would allow Facebook users to send messages with the correct emotional nuances.



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