Couple says their passion for the arts keeps them together, despite challenges

WEST READING, Pa. – It’s almost time to say goodnight at Noah Gibney’s Open Mic at Chatty’s in West Reading.

But inside, the latest tune tells the tale of an artistic attraction that began nearly 30 years ago with a “Good Morning.”

“When I saw him in the Poconos, the first thing he signed was ‘good morning’ to me and when he did that I thought ‘mmm, I think I like this man,” said singer Elaine Woltemate, laughing.

It’s a jazzy, sentimental serenade.

“It was kind of love at first sight,” Woltemate said.

It was love at first sight, but no sound.

“When I get discouraged and I say eh, I don’t feel like singing, he says ‘yes we are going. I want to hear you sing.’ He doesn’t hear me, I want to see you sing, I use sign language in my songs,”  Woltemate said.

But he sees it, records it, and, perhaps most importantly, he feels it.

“My husband is my number-one fan,” Woltemate said.

He’s front and center for her whenever she takes the stage.

“If I’m not feeling well or I have troubles on my mind once I start my music everything is by the wayside,” Woltemate said.

You’ve heard about her husband Eddie before on 69 News. He’s the uncle of Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, and an accomplished artist in his own right. Eddie is a deaf artist who, according to Tim Compton, the GoggleWorks’ artistic director, channeled his personal experiences into creating his own alternate world.

“I enjoy his art. I love going into the galleries,” Woltemate said.

For some, getting older makes it harder to want to do a lot of things, including pursuing your passions and dreams.

“I started to get discouraged because of my age and I just had some vibes coming at me that just didn’t feel right because of my age,” Woltemate said.

But with their respective artistic pursuits, and each other, Elaine and Eddie keep creating.

“I’m no spring chicken. I would say if you love it go for it no matter your age,” Woltemate said.


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