A new report sheds light on the future of airless tire technology

“The global market for tubeless tires has been expected to see a major amount of growth in the period of forecast and this is due to their advantages like the easy repair in the time of puncture, increase in the comfort for higher speeds and lower pressure of tires, reducing the rotation weight, better absorption of bumps as well in comparison to the conventional tires,” stated the report.

Sturdier and more reliable

According to the report, airless tires pertain to a type of non-pneumatic tire that does not depend on air pressure for support and therefore is much sturdier and more reliable. Made using rubber which functions as a movable cushion, they are better able to withstand the impact of vibrations and automobile-based shocks, making them nearly indestructible on the road.

Even if punctured, they do not get flat like their conventional counterparts and hence do not need frequent replacements. As such, they enhance a vehicle’s ability to carry heavy weight and indulge in rugged activities. Currently, they are predominantly used in motorized golf carts, riding lawnmowers, and other all-terrain vehicles, although many new applications can be found.

An increase in demand

An escalating demand for all terrain and military vehicles across the globe is also putting these tires in greater demand. There has been a lot of research and development put into the production of highly advanced airless tires, significantly increasing the popularity of this industry segment.

Most notably, Michelin has been working on airless tires since 2005. Through its Vision Concept, the company wants to make tires that are airless, rechargeable, connected, and sustainable. The company’s Unique Puncture Proof Tire System (UPTIS) has a unique design that does not require air filling and never gets punctured. UPTIS combines an aluminum wheel and has a flexible load-bearing structure that is made out of glass fiber-reinforced plastic. The concept is set to be ready for market launch in 2024.


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