Exhibition of Cuban artists to be on display in Germany until 2023

The artists participating in the exhibition are Eduardo Roca (Choco), Zaida del Rio, Jose Fuster, and Arian Irsula. The latter is the organizer and curator of the exhibit, sponsored by the National Council of Plastic Arts and the Cuban Embassy in Germany.

The project was inaugurated on October 20 as a tribute to Cuba’s Culture Day, when Ambassador Juanita Martinez referred to the prestige of the artists exhibiting their work at the Berlin gallery, whose artwork has transcended the borders of Cuba, to position themselves as renowned exponents of contemporary visual arts.

About this exhibition, Arian Irsula, also known for his excellent photographs, sculptures, and installations, told Cubarte that Luz Infinita is a demonstration of the excellent state of relations with the prestigious German gallery, home of important collaborative projects with Cuba over the last five years.

These artists have had numerous solo and group exhibitions in both Cuba and several countries around the world.



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