Malta’s top artists endorse The Shift’s 5

The Shift’s work is again being endorsed by the art community in Malta, as the country’s most prestigious artists have come together and donated their work to support our investigative journalism as the newsroom marks its fifth anniversary.

The Shift is launching an art exhibition showcasing their work on Saturday,3 December and Sunday, 4 December, at Studio 104, Fine Art Space in Valletta, from noon to 18.00. All proceeds will be donated to sustain our journalism.

This year, the exhibition will include artwork by Pawl Carbonaro, Catherine Cavallo, Luciano Micallef, Roberta Zammit Cutajar, James Vella Clark, Joseph Farrugia, Richard Saliba, Marisa Attard, Madeleine Gera, Anna Galea, Anna Grima, Isabel Warrington, Ray Piscopo, Luke Azzopardi, Bob Cardona, Victor Manduca and Michelle Gianlanze.

This is what Luciano Micallef, one of the artists in this exhibition, said when The Shift first contacted him in 2020: “All those who are seriously concerned about a free press in Malta should support The Shift. Well done, Shift”.

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The top artists that have endorsed our work will be joined by several writers, activists and academics in Malta who will add their voices to support truly independent journalism on The Shift’s fifth anniversary.

Veteran journalist, editor and columnist Fr Joe Borg wrote on social media that he was happy to post an appeal for The Shift because he believes that “Caroline Muscat’s journalistic initiative deserves every possible support,” adding, “I never believed it would have been so successful. Well done, Caroline and the team”.

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As The Shift’s columnist Ryan Murdock wrote last week, “The Shift isn’t just shining a light into the country’s darkest corners. We’re also shining a positive light on beleaguered citizens like you fighting against the descent into criminality that began in 2013,” adding that “even with a bare-bones operating budget, it isn’t easy to keep a small newsroom like The Shift alive. We’ve been able to do these things because our readers stood behind us”.

You can preview the paintings that will be on sale here.


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