12 Tips to Help Make Your Face Appear More Symmetrical …

Check your camera angle and lighting

Before getting into makeup application, experts say you should get an understanding of your Zoom setup. “The first thing you want to check is the angle of your laptop. The camera should be directly in front of you, not sitting to either side, and aligned with, or slightly higher than the eyes,” says Bobbi Brown Cosmetics national makeup artist Michele Shakeshaft. She adds that the lighting should also be directly in front of you. “If the lighting is sitting to either side, it will alter the symmetry of the image on the screen.” The lighting has to be uniform so that the makeup is uniform, she explains.

“After you have set up your equipment properly, turn on the light and check your image on the screen. What you see is what everyone else is seeing,” says Shakeshift. “Adjust angles and lighting as needed, then look at how you can touch your makeup to help with symmetry.” Celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter suggests taking a photo on your computer to see if you like the makeup and lighting.


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