Spotify’s new Glow initiative will focus on LGBTQIA+ artists

Spotify has launched a new program that aims to boost the profiles of LGBTQIA+ artists through a mixture of playlists, advertising and collaborations.

It’s called ‘Glow’ and the company has promised that it “ensures that queer creators, and their contributions to music and culture, are heard and honored year-round”.

There will be a Glow hub within Spotify focusing on LGBTQIA+ artists, including a flagship playlist (also called ‘Glow’) and an initial cohort of 11 artists who have been chosen for billboard advertising in the US and other marketing support.

Spotify is also holding a three-day songwriting camp for artists and songwriters in Los Angeles.

“I, along with the majority of the community, am very weary and skeptical of corporatized Pride. If a company is going to show up in June, they have to show up throughout the year,” said Lisa Ritchey, manager of Spotify’s artist partnership team.

“Where this program is amazing is that its sole purpose is to support the community on- and off-platform year-round.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge


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