WSL and Apple TV+ Announce Release Of Make Or Break Season 2

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It’s easy to rag on large scale media outlets. They can often seem out of touch with what the consumer wants, focused only on profit maximization and shareholder satisfaction.

It’s why many core surf fans were hesitant to believe that Apple TV’s docu-series “Make or Break” could actually be worth their time. 

But, courtesy of Box To Box’s skilled production team and a handful of cooperative pro-surfers, Season One of the series was actually…good. It was accessible and engaging for everyone from dedicated CT surf fans to Ivy-League educated Texans.

Yeah, there were a few kinks, but the show excelled at “humanizing superstars while they go through the most intense and important moments of their careers.” Bucks words, not mine.

As the 2023 CT season prepares to kick into gear, Apple TV and the WSL have announced the release of the second season — which features footage from Kelly’s remarkable Pipeline victory and the dreadful mid-year cut.

The highly anticipated second season of the acclaimed documentary series “Make or Break,” featuring behind-the-scenes access to the world’s best surfers as they battle for the top title at the World Surf League Championship Tour, is set to premiere with four episodes on Friday, February 17. An additional four episodes debut on Friday, February 24.

With unprecedented access, “Make or Break” returns to the world of professional surfing, offering an intimate deep dive into the aspirations, challenges, accomplishments, and personal lives of the surfers who compete to remain on the elite Men’s and Women’s WSL Championship Tour. This season will take viewers on location for the 2022 competition season to stunning surf locations across the globe, capturing the highs and lows of the “Dream Tour,” including the first-ever mid-season cut, international rivalries and record-breaking upsets.


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