This week’s Golden Apple Recipient, Nicole Lecy

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) – : This week’s Golden Apple Award recipient is an Art teacher from Nicollet Public School.

For the Last 14 years, Nicole Lecy has been teaching art at Nicollet Public Schools. She sees students from kindergarten all the way to 12th grade.

“In a small school, we can build a really deep rapport with these kids from start to finish and I think that’s important that they know that we’re there to continue to support them from age five all the way up to graduating,” said Lecy.

A graduate from Minnesota State University, Mankato, Lecy’s classes provide a place for students to explore and express their own abilities.

“I just want to see them grow every day. So little by little even if it’s just one step at a time and again other artists start at different levels. So being able to see them grow at their level is really important to me,” expressed Lecy.

Which students appreciate.

“I just like to learn more about stuff around the world and more art,” said student, Allie Dallmann.

“We even learn about how things are like we thought about symmetry A lot. We learn a lot of colors and stuff,” said student, Henry Biocic.

Lecy has built a community inside and outside the school, which she says its what made her into the teacher she is today.

“This is a full team effort and the full staff is here to support me. And I think that’s what can make a teacher great and help them along their career path,” said Lecy.

Congratulations to Nicole Lecy, this week’s Golden Apple Award Recipient!


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