9 shows to stop watching in 2023

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Here are 9 shows to stop watching this year

If you feel bad about no longer watching shows you don’t enjoy, that’s normal. We get invested in characters, and we want to see how things are going to come to an end for them. However, there are some shows that have gone on for long enough, and they’re shows to stop watching in 2023.

There’s no point in watching a TV show that you don’t enjoy anymore. If you find you’re hate-watching or just dragging things along because you feel like you should, you can give yourself permission to take a step back. I’m doing that with a few shows here and there.

Some shows have simply gone on long enough. Others just aren’t that entertaining anymore. Others just don’t have the same feel as they did when we first started watching them. Here are nine shows you can give yourself permission to stop watching.

Shows to stop watching 9: Grey’s Anatomy

Are you not looking forward to the loss of Meredith Grey? We were always told that once Ellen Pompeo was done with the show, it would come to an end. And now that promise isn’t being kept.

Pompeo is leaving during the winter premiere. While she will be back for the fall finale, we have the rest of the season to watch without her, and there is talk of this being a full season compared to the pandemic seasons.

The series has tried to bring us a reboot season with new interns. There are some positives for that, but it’s possibly a little bit too late for it now.

Shows to stop watching 8: NCIS

Okay, as an NCIS fan, I hate to put this on the list, but the show has gone on for 20 seasons now. I’ll be the first to admit that the storylines are highly predictable. Can you really tell you that you get the whodunnit mystery wrong?

I love seeing the storylines for the characters, but that’s not enough when the mysteries start getting stale. It’s not like there aren’t other NCIS shows to watch, either.

Although speaking of that, NCIS: Los Angeles is losing its appeal. I wish New Orleans stuck around for a little longer, to be honest.

Shows to stop watching 7: The Blacklist

The Blacklist returns for its 10th season in 2023. This is one of those shows that should have ended a few seasons ago. I was ready for it to end with the sixth or seventh seasons.

After this, the show’s red herrings got too much. It became a run of trying to figure out whether we would ever learn the truth. Then Season 9 brought us a season without Liz and without even Jon Bokenkamp co-running the show.

Hopefully, Season 10 is going to work as a wrap-up season. It’s not a show I’ve overly looked forward to each season, but I am curious about how things will end. Will I watch live? That’s another question entirely.


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