Got an iPhone? Here’s how to get Apple iMessages on Windows 11

A few years ago, Dell released a neat feature that enabled iPhone text messaging from within the Windows desktop. Now, a successor to that app is available on any Windows 11 PC, no Dell required.

It’s called Intel Unison, and while it’s only supposed to run on a small number of Intel-powered laptops, Windows Central reports that it works on any computer running Windows 11. I’ve got it running on my Lenovo Yoga C940 laptop from 2019, and it’s a revelation.

To set it up, download the Intel Unison app for Windows, then grab the companion app for iOS. (It’s also available for Android, as an alternative to Microsoft’s built-in “Phone Link” utility.) The Windows app will then walk you through a few steps to pair your phone and PC.

Screenshots of the pairing process with Intel's Unison app
To finish the setup process, you must download Intel’s Unison app and pair your iPhone and PC over Bluetooth.

Jared Newman / Foundry

Once you’ve done that, you can send and receive text messages from your computer, including those delivered via iMessage. The app also lets you view your phone’s camera roll, send files to your phone, make phone calls through your desktop, and see your phone’s notifications.

There is one big limitation: Instead of syncing your full message history, Unison only shows the messages that you receive while the app is open. Still, it’s useful for picking up a conversation without reaching for your phone, and for quickly rattling off replies with a proper keyboard.

iMessage in Intel's Unison app on Windows 11

Jared Newman / Foundry

The real downside is that I now have to rethink my decision not to upgrade to Windows 11 on my desktop computer.

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