‘Perfect Match’ Trailer Teases Netflix Dating Show Stars

What’s more chaotic than a purposefully messy Netflix dating show? Perfect Match: a purposefully messy Netflix dating show that plucks the most famous singles from its bevy of unscripted series and gets them on the same show. Contestants from Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum, Too Hot to Handle, and more are flown out to compete and form relationships — with people they might’ve already met through the Netflix universe. The most compatible couples then have the power to mess around with other matches: break them up at will and send them on dates with other people. They can even invite new singles to the villa to shake things up. “This is like the Hunger Games for dating,” one contestant says in the trailer, but since it’s Netflix, Squid Game feels like the appropriate dystopia. By the looks of it, our favorite reality-show stars are hornier than ever. The tributes don’t stand a chance against Netflix’s machinations. Perfect Match hits the streamer February 14.

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