‘Replace My Ex’ Tool Uses AI Technology to Edit Out Exes From …

There’s been no shortage of AI news lately, from the puzzlingly accurate musings of ChatGPT and other bots to the AI Lensa app, which took Instagram by storm after turning users’ photos into avatars.

And though there’s been debate about if the infiltration of AI technology into everyday life is for better or for worse, a new technology by Picsart is sure to make anyone who has ever had their heart broken agree that there are ways to use AI for good.

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Dubbed “AI Replace My Ex,” the photo and video editing company uses AI technology to salvage any photo taken with an ex by replacing the person with any item of your choice — a red flag, a snake, a garbage can, the list goes on!

“Whether it’s your ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend or just ex-friend, Picsart’s AI Replace allows you to replace people in photos with virtually anything you can think of,” the company said in a post. “It’s super easy and can be done in just a few seconds with no design skills required.”

via Picsart

The company shared hilarious examples of people’s exes being replaced by everything from an adorable golden retriever to a giant baguette in Paris.

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Using the technology is quite simple.

Upload a photo of you and your ex to the Picsart app on iOS and then scroll to the “Draw” feature at the bottom of the screen and choose the “AI Replace” option.

via Picsart

From there, use the brush tool over your ex and then type in a description of what you want to replace that image with — the platform encourages users to get creative with their distaste.

The new technology is currently only available on iOS, but Picsart said that it will be rolling out on Android soon.

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