Who Is the ‘Physical: 100’ Narrator? Inside the Show

'Physical: 100'

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In September 2021, the world nearly imploded when Netflix dropped its scripted drama Squid Game. The South Korean survival series received critical acclaim and won multiple awards the following year.

With all of Squid Game’s success, it’s unsurprising that Netflix chose to keep using similar concepts in future shows. In January 2023, the streamer released a reality challenge show that kept some of the same themes as its fictional predecessor.

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The show, Physical: 100, pushes 100 contestants to test their physical limits to answer the question: “who has the perfect body?”

While everyone won’t make it through the entire season, fans can expect one constant on the show — its narrator. During each episode, the narrator’s strong and engaging voice entices audiences to keep coming back. Keep reading to see everything we know about the narrator behind Physical: 100.

'Physical: 100' scene on Netflix

Source: Netflix

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Who is the ‘Physical: 100’ narrator?

Physical: 100 debuted its first two episodes on Netflix on January 24, 2023. During the first scene, B-roll footage of the challenges played as the narrator explained the competition’s premise. Almost instantly, the voice set the show’s tone with phrases like “only the most tenacious will win” the match and noting to viewers that “in the end, only one body will remain” to be crowned the Physical: 100 winner.

As the episodes continued, the narrator became another cast member, and some fans wanted to know about the actor behind the demanding voice. One viewer tweeted voice actor Kaiji Von Tang and asked if he was the Physical:100 narrator. Kaiji is best known for his voiceover roles in video games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Ghostbusters: Spirit Unleashed, and River City Girls 2.

“Senpai, I have a question,” the user asked Kaiji on Twitter. “You wouldn’t happen to be the narrator in the trailer for Physical: 100 on Netflix, would you?”

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Kaiji never responded to the fan’s question, but we can guarantee he isn’t the Physical:100 narrator. The actor’s IMDB doesn’t have any voice credits for the show, and he also hasn’t promoted the series at all since it debuted.

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While we can confirm Kaiji isn’t the narrator, that’s about all the good news we’ve got. So far, the narrator’s true identity remains unknown, despite us looking everywhere to find them. Physical: 100’s IMDb also didn’t list the narrator’s name, though it added some of the show’s cast, including Sung-Bin Yun, Hyunseung Cha, and Miracle Nelson.

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‘Physical: 100’ already has a significant fandom on TikTok.

Although Netflix remains tight-lipped about Physical: 100’s narrator, the secret isn’t keeping fans away from its episodes. Since the show aired, daredevil lovers have been raving about it via TikTok. Unsurprisingly, many compared Physical: 100 to Squid Game, with Netflix Korea noting the series was like “watching Squid Game all over again.”

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Other users said they unintentionally became sucked into the show after seeing it on Netflix’s feed. @jessiegloworm wrote that she watched it while “chilling after work” and shared the show didn’t disappoint. The video sparked comments from other Physical: 100 fans who are now obsessed with the cast’s off-camera lives.

“When I tell you I RAN to IG to find them 🏃🏽‍♀️💨💨” one user said.

Hopefully, Netflix will reveal its narrator soon. In the meantime, you can stream Physical: 100’s first four episodes now.

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